• Reservation deposit (10%)
Foreigners who wish to buy the property on the territory of Turkey can get the credit in Turkish bank “DenizBank” up to 20 years or to get the deferred payment Once you have decided which property to buy you need to pay a deposit to reserve it and stop it being sold by the property owner to somebody else until the procedures are all done.
  • Property Purchase Agreement 
Purchase agreement is written in Turkish and Russian / English. This contract includes information about the real estate, the buyer and the seller, necessary details about the payment, the time of the conveyance, property completion date etc. You need to make 4 photos of each family member in order to make a residence permit. The price of translation and apostil is 40-50 € for each document.
  • Opening the bank account
You lay 3000 $ on the account (from the rate 500 $ X 6 month). The copy of the bank account is taken to the police. The nonresident can open their accounts in Turkish banks in Euro, dollars, pounds and TRL.
  • Land Registry Office and TAPU
The entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a public notary, but by an official of the Property Registry Department (Land Regisrty Office). It is legally compulsory for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is possible to authorize another person to do so (i.e. give someone power of attorney) but the authorization requires a notary deed. After the entry and delivery the property register issues you will get a proof of ownership, which is called 'TAPU'. 'TAPU' is issued on 3-6 months.
The Residence permit
Having the property in Turkey gives the permanent right to live in the country. Only the members o the family can get the residence permit After 5 years the foreigner have the right to apply for receiving the residence permit.
The expense on obtaining and renewing the residence permit
6 months 350 € (the 1st residence permit is given for 6 months)
The citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Israel can buy the property only on the juridical entity. 
It's necessary to open the company. It takes 4-5 days.  
The incorporators are 2 persons. 
You shouldn't be the citizen of Turkey to establish a company. 
We advice you to transfer money through the Turkish banks Europe Credit and Garanti Bank-Moscow.

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