The introduction into action of variations for the Cadastral law of Turkey, adjusting procedure buying properties by foreign citizens, has essentially simplified process of purchase of the real estate.
According to to the new law No5444 from 29.12.2005, foreign citizens can buy the real estate in Turkey in view of restrictions specified in the law, as well as a principle of reciprocity.
Any special restrictions concerning number or costs of objects of the real estate do not exist.
Foreign citizens can buy in Turkey the real estate within the limits of borders of city, according to legislative restrictions (on the area and the territorial factor) for use as habitation or the enterprise with application of the general or local plan of building.
The area of any personal property, should not exceed 3,0 hectares. Foreigners at any time can sell the real estate belonging them and the received sum to take out abroad.
It is unessential to citizens of Ukraine to recieve Green Card at the moment of supply of documents for registration of TAPU.
From the beginning of 2008 to citizens for Ukraine citizens before submitting documents on Green Card, it is necessary to receive permit of General consulate of Turkish Republic (Kiev) on recieving Green Card. The permit goes directly from consulate to a department of police on affairs with non-residents in the city of the real estate. The permit of consulate is a basis for recieving Green Card. Time frame of delivery is 5-7 days, and cost of 6 months - 355 TL.
Citizens of the foreign states complying with Turkey « a principle of reciprocity », can become proprietors of the real estate received by the inheritance.
In case of inheritance, the official tetament should be prepared in the country of the heir only.
If the testament is not available, by virtue of the law of heir enters as accepted by the legislation of Turkey.
If the foreign citizen owning the property in Turkey, dies, the real estate passes to its heirs automatically.
In this case the heir receives the notice on reception of the inheritance from court of that country which citizen lives in.

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